Map Marker V3 Prototype

!!! IMPORTANT: ALPHA QUALITY DISCLAIMER !!! This version of the app is a technical preview/prototype, and might not be stable: it might crash at any time and lose all the saved data, this is why this is a separate app. If you want to use the most stable version of the app, use the regular Map Marker app, not this prototype version. Only use this version of the app if you're curious to see what the next major Map Marker app update will look like, or if you want to help hunting bugs. Currently, the app has the following known limitations (working on addressing those, feel free to report anything else): * Very slow performance with more than 100 markers * Many other missing features (Offline maps, batch folder actions, etc.) * Slow image imports when importing from gallery or camera * Cannot import files on iOS < 11 * Cannot import very large files (currently limited by your device memory) Happy testing!

Version 3 target improvements

Re-writing the app from scratch, I'll be making important improvements based on learning from previous version: * Pixel-perfect consistency between all platforms * Faster development, so more features * Bridging feature gaps between platforms (hello floating titles for iOS and Web!) * No longer depending on Google Play Services to work (easier to run on alternative Android distributions) * Better sync management across all platforms * Reduced problems with large files on the Web version * Better performance and usability

Version 3 prototype download

Depending on the platform you're using, click the corresponding link: