Map Marker V3 update (Released on Jan 31 2023)

The Map Marker V3 update ships to Android, iOS and Web. For all Android and iOS users of Map Marker V3, it will remain possible to import a Map Marker V2 cloud map using Google Drive or Dropbox. Map Marker V2 will no longer be maintained or supported, but users are free to keep using it while it still works.

For users who wish to remain on Map Marker V2

To get more information about options to keep using Map Marker V2, see details here.

Map Marker V3 improvements

Map Marker V3 will have many improvements such as: • Much faster app start time • Smart markers display: limit the number of markers visible at a given time         • Regardless of the number of markers the map view should remain smooth         • You can now have thousands of markers in your map without slowdowns • Almost all features from Android (except offline maps) are now available on iOS and web:         • Dropbox cloud sync         • Floating titles         • Sub-folders         • Custom folder colors         • Image quality settings         • Share map snapshot         • Manage map files         • Jump to coordinates         • Delete duplicates • No longer depending on Google Play Services to work (easier to run on alternative Android distributions) • Cloud sync no longer blocks the app with a loading screen, it is performed in the background while using the app • Reduced problems with large files on the Web version • Overall better performance and usability • More efficient app development, so more frequent features in the future, on all platforms

Release schedule history

• ✅ 2022/01/02: Release Map Marker V3 prototype as a separate app on the Play Store and the Apple App Store to avoid disrupting the main app • ✅ 2022/10/07: Finish building Map Marker Android V2.24.0, the last Map Marker V2 update, containing an app start prompt to announce Map Marker V3 • ✅ 2022/10/17: Release Map Marker Android V2.24.0 on the main app beta channel • ✅ 2022/10/21: Release Map Marker Android V2.24.0 on the main app publicly for everyone • ✅ 2022/10/26: Start testing and polishing V3 for public beta release • ✅ 2022/11/10: Roll out Map Marker V3 on the main apps beta channel (Android + iOS)         • Retire the prototype apps from both the Play Store and the Apple App Store         • Release the Map Marker V3 update on the Android and iOS beta channel         • Keep the web app beta where it is • ✅ 2022/11/10: Start heavy testing V3, for Android, iOS and Web         • ✅ Searching and fixing bugs and issues • ✅ 2023/01/31: Map Marker V3 publicly released for everyone on Android, iOS and Web