Map Marker privacy policy

What does this policy apply to

This privacy policy applies to all 3 versions of the Map Marker app: the Android app, the iOS app and the web app.

Personal information

The personal information collected by Map Marker falls under 2 categories:

  1. User geographic data: the list of geographic objects the user can enter into the app which can contain geographic coordinates as well as a title, a description, a phone number, a color and associated images or media.
  2. User search queries: the search queries entered by the user when searching for places with a third party search engine.
This privacy policy page will focus on user geographic data only. When using the third party places searche engines in Map Marker, depending on the search source you're using, you will need to refer to different privacy policies:

How Map Marker collects info

The info is collected by Map Marker when the user inputs the info manually or imports the info as files or though other apps sharing features into Map Marker.

How we use your info

Map Marker uses the data locally on the device with the different Map Marker features (displaying the markers list, displaying markers on the map, etc.).

When we share your info

Map Marker does not share your information externally unless the user performs explicit actions to share or sync their data. In the case of the user manually sharing data from Map Marker, the exported data could be sent to any app on the device the user may choose to share with. In the case of sync, Map Marker allows the user to configure an automated sync with some cloud storage platforms: the user data is then shared by Map Marker with those cloud storage platforms.

What cloud storage platforms Map Marker can use

Currently Google Drive or Dropbox. When the user grants access to Map Marker to a cloud platform, that access is used solely to read/write geographic synced data.

How we store your info

Your info is stored by Map Marker locally on the device, or on the cloud storage platforms if the user chose to sync their data to these platforms.

Where your info lives

Your info lives on the device and on any cloud platform you explicitly configured Map Marker to sync to.

How long we keep your info

The info is kept on the device or on the cloud platforms as long as the user does not delete it manually.

Contact me

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